introductory 3 private sessions


New to Pilates? Ready to dive in but not sure where to start?

Let these first three sessions introduce you to the basics of Pilates.

You’ll be introduced to different pieces of the equipment in the system, become familiar with the terminology and start to understand general movements and principles of the Pilates System.

Kiva 1-1


Looking for a customized Pilates experience that is tailored to YOU?

Meet with one of our Certified Pilates Instructors to discuss your personal areas of concerns.

Whether it be back pain, injury recovery, knee issues, pre/post natal, general decondition or poor posture, we will review your goals and implement the Pilates System to address your needs.

Attending 2 times per week is ideal to attain significant and visible change in your body. We want you to succeed and will prompt you to work hard within your 50 minute session using verbal cues, hands on feedback and top of the line equipment.

vip Package options

4 PACK $369

8 PACK $699



Kiva 2+


Hold yourself more accountable in your Pilates practice while making your session a double header of strength training and quality time with friends.

Choose your people that will encourage you to work harder, stronger and motivate you to get to your work zone and have FUN while doing so. The Pilates System is a lifestyle. Make it work for you.

vip package options

4 PACK $237

8 PACK $453


All Private and Duet/Trio sessions are subject to a 24 hour cancellation fee.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please send a friend, co-worker or your dentist to take your session.

thank you for your